I'm Nada Mohsen, I graduated from faculty of engineering, architectural department, Ain Shams University on 2010, followed by completing my masters in architecture on 2015. Later, I studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University. My paintings were exhibited in several exhibitions and were featured in a short film named "Painting the Lily". In 2019, I started an initiation called "Buy less .. Refashion more" to paint on old clothes in order to refashion it into new items as a contributing part in the sustainable & ethical fashion movement. In 2020, I scaled my idea further and launched my first ready to wear fashion line that merges art and fashion through using my paintings, sketches and illustrations in the fabric and the final product design. In 2021, continuing progressing my fashion career, I took fashion and tailoring diploma, the diploma is internationally certified by City & Guilds.