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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Big Data Emerging Technologies by Yonsei University

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About the Course

Every time you use Google to search something, every time you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other SNS (Social Network Service), and every time you buy from a recommended list of products on you are using a big data system. In addition, big data technology supports your smartphone, smartwatch, Alexa, Siri, and automobile (if it is a newer model) every day. The top companies in the world are currently using big data technology, and every company is in need of advanced big data technology support. Simply put, big data technology is not an option for your company, it is a necessity for survival and growth. So now is the right time to learn what big data is and how to use it in advantage of your company. This 6 module course first focuses on the world’s industry market share rankings of big data hardware, software, and professional services, and then covers the world’s top big data product line and service types of the major big data companies. Then the lectures focused on how big data analysis is possible based on the world’s most popular three big data technologies Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. The last part focuses on providing experience on one of the most famous and widely used big data statistical analysis systems in the world, the IBM SPSS Statistics. This course was designed to prepare you to be more successful in businesses strategic planning in the upcoming big data era. Welcome to the amazing Big Data world!...

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Aug 15, 2020

This is an excellent course, I managed to update my knowledge in Big Data. It gave me a broader vision of the subject. Excellent content, very didactic and excellent material.


Sep 4, 2022

The lecturer explained everthing in details which is more understandable. Thank you I real enjoy the course.

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By Supriya D

Jun 4, 2020

I have learned so much about the Big Data technologies in this course. It is a very useful course.

By Javed A

May 24, 2019

This is seriously a very good course. I must say that this course is must have for each and every Big Data Engineer and Data Scientist.

The instructor of this course has done an amazing job to deliver the must have knowledge of emerging technologies.

I really enjoyed this course and got valuable knowledge.


Sep 5, 2019

An excellent course. I learned the true dimension and power of Big Data and the great transformation that is causing and will continue to be carried out in many of the activities of the human being, at work, personal, social and in all areas of life.

Congratulations and my message of sincere thanks.

By Jessie J

Jul 17, 2020

The course was a very good intro in Big Data Technologies. The course was very informative but not very deep so it is very enjoyable for non-technical personnel like myself. Very competent instructor. Speaks well and very clearly. Highly recommended course!

By Victor J R A

Aug 16, 2020

This is an excellent course, I managed to update my knowledge in Big Data. It gave me a broader vision of the subject. Excellent content, very didactic and excellent material.

By Juan C M

Apr 22, 2019

Excelent course with clear explanations about big data, how it works and how to get the best from it.

By Leonardo O T

Nov 22, 2019

Un curso con demasiado información teórica que te ayudará a comprender el cómo funciona las herramientas del Big Data. Se realiza ejemplifican de manera gráfica de las herramientas además de proporcionar la biografiara para profundizar en el tema.

Un curso altamente recomendable si te inicias en el mundo del BD

Tendrás que practicar por tu parte le hecho de montar clusters y nodos.


Mar 31, 2022

Professor knows EVERYTHING, nevertheless showing a fine humble attitude during the lectures, providing extensive references for further studies at the end of the videos.

Amazing course trom the beginners through advanced learners. Final project also contributes a lot to group discussions, students got deep dive into data, and explore comprehensive analysis.

By Deleted A

Feb 16, 2021

I am getting ready to apply right now for my Master's to a Korean university, so by following this specialization I was able not only to learn more about a subject I am interested in but also to get to know better the South Korean education system.


Oct 21, 2020

I recommended this course to anyone who are interested in learning about the BIG DATA. It explains about the Data Analysis Systems such as Spark, RDBMS, CASSANDRA and many more. The course can be understand as it was explained step by step.


Jan 5, 2021

Is an amazing course which teaching the basic things we need to know to understand the big data environment and the current available technologies, basically letting us to see the big scope in this moment in this amazing field of knowledge

By Farukh A

May 16, 2020

The course was insightful and well explained even for someone who is is not tech savvy as me. The option to be able to redo the tests helps to understand where one made a mistake and revisit the lesson.

Very informative and useful!

By Juan M

Oct 25, 2018

Simply put, this Course sparks your interest aobut this cutting edge topic, and instils the pupil to become a part of it. Thanks a lot .

By Caroline Z

Sep 5, 2022

The lecturer explained everthing in details which is more understandable. Thank you I real enjoy the course.

By Ashante M

Sep 12, 2022

This course was really amazing and I am happy to achieve the certificate hope to learn more going forward.

By Ramadurai P S P

Nov 16, 2020

Nice course, it gave me good idea on big data technologies. looking forward to do more courses on big data

By Anjaneyulu 1

Oct 20, 2020

If provided how to install hadoop and more excercises on hadoop, spark will be give more idea

By Cristovao R A

Feb 15, 2022

O curso é muito bom, pois nós ensina como analisar as estatisticas e as novas tecnologias.

By Bernard D V

Apr 17, 2019

Great course about Big Data Technologies, the course is well-built and highly detailed.

By Jorge G L M

May 31, 2022

Some quizzes require watching lectures from future weeks, which break the correct pace


Jan 31, 2022

Ótimo curso! Uma excelente introdução aos temas emergentes de tecnologia em big data


Mar 5, 2022

very useful and informative and for bigdata basis I highly recommend this course

By Enrique M

Jun 12, 2020

Amazing introduction course. I want to learn more about this fascinating area.


Jun 16, 2021

Good for Beginners to start, gives over all picture in data industry


Oct 19, 2022

Un muy buen curso, bastanta bien explicativo y facil d entender