Governance Attack

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Understanding smart contract risk, Different approaches to custody, Ethereum 2.0 approaches to scaling, Mechanics and risks of decentralized exchange, Assessing regulatory risk


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Jul 6, 2022

The instructor wasperfect and the material provided in the course was really good. i suggest this course for people who are interested in Crypto.


Aug 8, 2022

Working in this field on a daily basis, this is the best course that gives an overview of DeFi in its entirety: tech, protocols, risks

From the lesson

Governance, DNS, Oracle, DEX and Custodial Risk

The second model explores additional risks including governance attacks, DNS attacks, oracle vulnerabilities, and DEX risk. The module ends with an exploration of the different types of custodial arrangements and the risks that each approach creates.

Taught By

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    Cam Harvey

    Professor of Decentralized Finance

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