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Syndication, project finance, Capital Market, Acquisition & Buy-Outs, Sustainability


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Sep 4, 2021

I found the course to be a very well compiled refresher. I would love to see an update with examples from more recent transactions. Overall, it was time well spent. Thank you.


Jun 23, 2019

A structured, complete and well explained course. The quizzes are demanding and require real technical knowledge learned during the training.

Thank you for this MOOC.

From the lesson

Positive Impact Finance & FINAL EXAM

Understanding what stands behind impact-based finance and see how banks benefit society by incorporating ESG criteria in their decision-making process

Taught By

  • Placeholder

    Laurent DEVILLE

    Professor of Finance Academic Director - Masters in Finance

  • Placeholder

    Thor Thomsen

    Maritime Industry Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Domitille Barthel

    Infrastructure Finance, Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Elsa Rougier

    Export Finance Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Elodie Tarby

    Maritime Strategic & Capital Advisory Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Terence Shanahan

    Global Head of Syndication

  • Placeholder

    Emile Boustani

    Head of Asset Backed Product Uk

  • Placeholder

    Alexandre Dogos Docovitch

    Head of MRA Sales UK

  • Placeholder

    Luis Vaz Pinto

    Deputy Global Head of Corporate

  • Placeholder

    Patrick Perreault

    Co-Head of Global M&A

  • Placeholder

    Marina Mulcair

    Head of European Leveraged Loans

  • Placeholder

    Procha Goriatchkine

    Metal, Mining & Industries Analyst

  • Placeholder

    Aurélie Coulin

    Impact Based Finance Director

  • Placeholder

    Fadi Dib Garrido

    Asset Backed Product Director

  • Placeholder

    Marie Agnes Delacour

    Paris Head of Advisory & Financing Group

  • Placeholder

    Olivier Musset

    Global Head of Energy

  • Placeholder

    Andrew Menzies

    Global Co Head of DCM

  • Placeholder

    Eglantine de Muizon

    Advisory & Financing Group Director

  • Placeholder

    Federico Ossola

    Structured Finance Hedging Director

  • Placeholder

    Sandrine Enguehard

    Head of Impact Finances Solutions

  • Placeholder

    Hamid Boustanifar

    Professor of Finance

  • Placeholder

    Vincent Nobilet

    Agribusiness, Trade Commodity Finance Managing Director

  • Placeholder

    Jean-Pierre Cherbit

    Finance department - Head of France Real Estate Structured Finance

  • Placeholder

    Joanna Bantegnie

    Real Estate Structured Finance Director

  • Placeholder

    Sonia Koniuta

    Leveraged Finance Associate

  • Placeholder

    Stefania Toka

    Financing specialist

  • Placeholder

    Diane Sorasio

    Aviation Finance Vice President

  • Placeholder

    José Antonio Olano

    Global Head of Loan Syndicate

  • Placeholder

    Bas Thijwisssen

    Energy Plus Group Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Agnès Decourcelle

    Head of EMEA Project & Asset Finance

  • Placeholder

    Stefano Corbetta

    Capital Market Originator

  • Placeholder

    Olivier Lafuma

    Head of Business Operations

  • Placeholder

    Antoine Pietri

    Export Finance Vice President

  • Placeholder

    Alice Bracq

    Metal, Mining & Industries Associate

  • Placeholder

    Romain Gilloux

    Leveraged Finance, Vice President

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