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Planning, goal setting, Business Strategy, Leadership And Management, Communication


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Nov 21, 2022

Thank you. This is a great course, especially if you come back to it, to review all the materials.


Oct 8, 2022

Nice mix of content, really appreciated the Resources included in the material.

From the lesson

Improving Your "Goal Setting Muscle"

In this module, we'll cover advanced OKR topics, including strategies for the most effective approaches to OKRs and solutions to the most common OKR stumbling blocks.

Taught By

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    John Doerr

    Co-Founder, WhatMatters.com

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    Jordan McArthur

    Head of Community, WhatMatters.com

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    Ryan Panchadsaram

    Co-Founder, WhatMatters.com

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    Lisa Shufro

    Chief Storyteller, WhatMatters.com

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