Deploying Redis Enterprise for GKE and Serverless App on Anthos Bare Metal

In this Project, you will:
1 hour 30 minutes
No download needed
Shareable certificate
Desktop only

This is a self-paced lab that takes place in the Google Cloud console. In this lab you will learn how to create Compute Engine VMs on Google Cloud with L2 connectivity through the use of vxlan built-in functionality in Linux. You'll be using the Compute Engine VMs to simulate Anthos on Bare Metal (BM) in high-availability mode which requires L2 connectivity. The deployment will consist of 4 VMs to deploy Anthos on BM, 1 x workstation, 1 x control plane nodes and 2 x worker nodes. Then you'll install Anthos Service Mesh and Knative on the BM cluster, followed by deploying Redis Enterprise for GKE and a Serverless application. Finally, this guide will show you how to run a simple load test on the serverless application to realize the elasticity of Knative backed by a Redis datastore.

Skills you will develop

  • Virtual Machine

  • Kubernetes

  • Linux

  • Google Cloud Platform

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