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In many IT organizations, incentives are not aligned between developers, who strive for agility, and operators, who focus on stability. Site reliability engineering, or SRE, is how Google aligns incentives between development and operations and does mission-critical production support. Adoption of SRE cultural and technical practices can help improve collaboration between the business and IT. This course introduces key practices of Google SRE and the important role IT and business leaders play in the success of SRE organizational adoption....

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Jun 20, 2021

Excellent course considering content, presentation and delivery. This is more about the theroritical concept. I would recommend you start with this course before diving into SRE.


Jan 21, 2022


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By shiva h k b

Dec 13, 2020

Gold standard, most theoretical. I'm preparing myself to launch myself as Tech Leah in SRE field and I could not have asked for better course.

By Viktor G

Aug 10, 2020

Excellent summary of the material in the books. The focus on helping to implement an SRE culture is on point and very useful. I will put what I learn in practice.

By Guido G

Dec 24, 2020

I'd prefer a presenter who looks at me (in the camera), not at his text.

The content's transcription into the text is not accurate a couple of times, I have seen better quality in other courses.

The content expected has been delivered and helps me to connect the dots.

By Damir B

Mar 17, 2021

I can not believe how lame this was.

I took this course as a part of Google DevOps specialization. There were some good details, but I believe that you can put those details in a couple of pages of reading material for some other course. There was some good content, I learned some new things, but I don't believe that this was an efficient use of my time, to be honest. The quizzes were extremely difficult because a lot of the answers were subjective and not exact. At the time of writing this, the quiz at the end of the first module (pretty early in the course) was the most difficult one (you get the notification when you complete it) and the course was just.... Why would you do that? It was more like "gotcha!" questions, instead of "sciency" quiz. Why would you release this publicly?

Video materials were terrible. The instructor was obviously reading from the screen - you can see the glare on her face. I would've preferred if I wasn't able to see the instructor, because I don't get the feeling that the instructor knows what they are talking about if they are reading. I, evidently, being able to navigate to this part of the internet and write these paragraphs, demonstrate my ability to read on my own. On some videos I was forced to read the transcripts, instead of looking at the screen. It really bothered me. It seems like you picked up a random lady from the street, put her in front of a computer screen, made her read the script and recorded her while doing it. The smiles do not seem sincere when I can clearly see that you are not looking at the camera, but instead, you are looking at the screen and reading. Why would you do that? Why would anyone release this publicly? It wasn't engaging at all.

By Mitt C

Mar 7, 2021

Poor audio and visuals compared to other courses

Very esoteric and "googley" language for SREs, SLIs, SLOs. Lost the feeling of a good conceptual framework that's easy to reason about, and instead, it felt like I had to memorize 2x2 consulting matrixes written by people who've never done DevOps or SRE as individual contributors or managers.

Pimping the Google professional services wasn't helpful -- this sales vibe made the last course seem like a marketing deck for consulting services (gross).

By Dmitry M

Jul 5, 2021

Author looks behind the camera, it is so annoying. The course contains only the theory - it is so boring. However finally I got difference between DevOPs and SRE.

By Vincenzo C

Mar 25, 2022

Fantastic course that explains a lot of concepts: SRE, DevOps, Collaboration Development and Operation Teams,Continuous integration and continuous delivery, and canarying, Change is best when small and frequent, Devops Pillars (Share ownership, Blameless, Reduce cost of failure, Toil automation, Measure toil and reliability),Blameless postmortem, Reliability, SLI, SLO ,Error budget, OKRs, Design thinking and prototyping, toil, automatin, advantages of automation vs manual , measure everything, goal settings, monitoring, SRE teams, transparency, inclusivity and diversity, affinity bias, confirmation bias, selective attention bias, labeling bias

By Michael T

Aug 28, 2021

A useful introductory course that provides a high-level idea about SRE and how to practice it in your company. Although it not provide you the details on how to define SLIs/SLOs, but you can learn that by reading the SRE book or by taking the other Coursera SRE course. Additionally, this course support your company how to developing SRE espeically for traditional IT culture. There are so much useful SRE concept.

By Rodrigo A

Jul 19, 2020

A useful introductory course that provides a high-level idea about SRE and how to implement it in your company. It will not provide you the details on how to define SLIs/SLOs, for instance, but you can learn that by reading the SRE book or by taking the other Coursera SRE course. I recommend it also for people in an organization who will not be directly involved with the SRE activities.

By Karsten S

Feb 6, 2021

The course helps to understand what SRE means and how to get started. Good resources are provided, and it triggered me to look up more information on the internet. It is valuable not only for engineering teams or operations teams. It is also a great inspiration for any other team. How could you avoid TOIL in your non-tech team.

By Edit K

Nov 18, 2020

This is a very good training for everyone who wants to investigate on team structures, overcome silos and change the work environment / team's working atmosphere. Contains a good fundation and theoretical background for practical problems.

By Riccardo C

Jul 9, 2020

very good course, interesting.

mid-way questionnaire was fair.

The final one had some questions which were quite hard (and IMHO not fair).

Feel free to reach to if you want to know more. I have notes and screenshots.

By Andrew R

Jul 31, 2020

A very nice introduction to the philosophy and implementation of Site Reliability Engineering. I would recommend this course to Project Managers and Engineers alike. It's simple, easy to understand, and useful.

By Arend Z

Nov 4, 2022

Great course on the organizational challenges and change management methods using by Google to make organizations adopt the data-driven and innovative culture required to benefit from moving to the Cloud.

By mzayed

Sep 25, 2021

Very good introductory course to service reliability engineering. It gives a global perspective for a newbie. If you put yourself seriously to it, it can be finished within a day.

By Gourab B

Jun 21, 2021

Excellent course considering content, presentation and delivery. This is more about the theroritical concept. I would recommend you start with this course before diving into SRE.

By Matheus O D S

Mar 30, 2021

I loved the course, its well explained and very acessible. I really liked the content. It explains to you the basics e and some google experiences. I recommend this course a lot.

By Yu G

Jan 22, 2022


By Анна Ю

Nov 28, 2021

Thank you for usefull course. The course contains a lot of useful information, but little practice. Only very motivated students will study it to the end.

By Juan J P G

Mar 29, 2021

Bueno para enfocar los esfuerzos del team de tecnologia de acuerdo a las necesidades del negocio y la disponibilidad de las aplicaciones

By Ahangama L M P

Oct 5, 2020

IT was a great start to my dream.Anyway i will be a site reliability engineer at google.Thankyou very much for creating this course

By David A

May 30, 2021

Really enjoyed learning about Google's SRE culture. Many key takeaways for me. The reflection activities were also very helpful.

By Thiago F

Mar 7, 2021

I was started to work in an SRE Team, and this course was helped me to understand more about the SRE philosophy and objectives.

By Maxim K

Apr 6, 2021

Clear explanations from the very beginning . Maybe it needs to shed some more light on the differences between DevOps and SREs

By Hongyu ( L

Apr 2, 2021

Very helpful course for me to learn SRE. This is the first course I took in coursera. Will continue to take more course here.